Friday, September 30, 2011

Practice makes perfect.
On my signature that is.  Another day, another set of paperwork.  Since our homestudy is only awaiting the fingerprints (scheduled for Oct 7th) we're on to Dossier paperwork.  The passport checks have been cashed so we're hoping that means they're on their way.  We also had our psych evaluations done today.  It isn't easy to appear sane when the doctor says "And your oldest is?"
"And the next one is?"
"Almost 4."
"And the youngest is?"
"Almost 2."
"And you're expecting....??"
"You bet."
"And you want to adopt a special needs five year old?"
"Are you CRAZY?!!??"

You tell me Dr. Lady.  About half way through the evaluation you could tell she'd mentally convinced herself that the little lady would be better off with us than where she is.  Glad it finally kicked in.  By the end of it she was taking a more noble stance and actually seemed willing to go the extra mile and help us get what we needed quickly.  She asked how I was going to handle it all and I told her the same way I would if any of my naturally born children had those needs.  You don't think about it, you just do it.  Plus it isn't the little lady's disability I'm after, it is her soul, her spirit, her spunk.  That's what I'm in for.  I just can't wait to know her.  
So we keep plugging along, another day, another appointment or signature.  Each day one step closer to having her here.  We did find out yesterday that the babe I'm carrying is in fact a female so the little lady will have a sister from the jump off, and vice versa.  For those of you closely following our story, my due date is a might bit close to when we could possibly be asked to travel to meet her.  Just another little God given mystery to add to the mix of unknowns.  Something to keep you all on the edge of your computer chairs.  
The other day I explained to my two older boys how Marissa can't walk yet.  The thought I was referring to the little internal babe but once I cleared that confusion my almost 4 year old said he would just move her legs for her.  Ah.  Perfect.  Why didn't we think of that?  
We also found out recently that our insurance will cover any and all preexisting conditions on adopted children.  Glorious.  That was spectacular news.  Plus my hubby, Chris, gets ten days paternity leave both for the birth and the adoption.  Odds are we'll spend 10 of those days in Russia since he can use them anytime during the first six months postpartum.  
I just wanted to say thank you again, those of you who have prayed for us or prayed for Marissa or prayed that we'd find each other.  I haven't been this sure of many things in life but for some reason adding her and having her as a daughter seems like the most obvious thing.  I know your thoughts and prayers have a hand in that.  The task of adopting internationally can seem daunting and the funds needed are more than I care to dwell on but the surety of her place in our family calms my soul.  Eastern European governments don't have anything on that!  
I wish you all a happy and relaxing October weekend.   
with love,

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Oh happy day!
I can't think of many days that top this one.   I am literally giddy.  Gleeful, ecstatic, exuberant, you name it I am feeling it.  I can't decide whether it would be more beneficial to cry or scream.  I think the screech from the Little Miss Sunshine movie would be appropriate. 
Our family page is up.  Our name is officially listed RIGHT NEXT TO HERS!  Oh and I can tell you now, her name is Marissa.  That's her nickname anyway.  We'll see if she wants to keep it or not.  You can now click the link, read our story and donate!  This makes it so real for me, not just a pipe dream or a never ending process but a real life adoption.  Top it off, tomorrow is our eldest son's 6th birthday.  Good times just keep on rollin'!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Oh the homestudy.
So they give you all the info at the meeting and a list of 16+ forms you have to fill out and send and get completed before you can schedule your actual in home visit.  This process normally takes between two and four months.  We did it overnight!  Well, our part at least.  We have nothing more to do than sit around and pray for those who are working in our behalf, either writing reference letters or filling out medical forms.  Luckily I got my copy of "The Connected Child" in the mail today so I'll have that to occupy my mind and idol hands.  I hate feeling like we're holding up the adoption process or making it even a day more til we get to see her and her us so I pushed hard to get everything done in one day and I'm so glad it worked!  I'm sure my kiddos will be happily reunited with their mother's face tomorrow since it is hard to make eye contact from behind a laptop.  One day and SO much paperwork closer.  We're doing our best sweet lady, I promise!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Exciting stuff!!!!
Well it was more worrisome than exciting at first.  I was refreshing our little lady's profile on the RR website today (like I do everyday) and it disappeared!  I was sick until I finally found her again under the "My Family Found Me" page.  Our name isn't attached to her profile just yet but I am assuming they mean us!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Let the journey begin!  We are so excited to be finally starting our adoption expedition.  So far we have three home grown sons and another (potentially female) sibling on the way.  I'm sure you're thinking "Are these people crazy??".  To that I say, aren't we all?  I promise we're not crazy, we're capable.  We are finally in a position to help these children and give them the love and family they deserve.  One of my favorite quotes I've heard so far on this journey was "Availability is rarer than ability."  So although we may not be fully equipped to handle everything we are more than happy to try.  Another fabulous quote: "The Lord doesn't call the equipped, he equips the called".  So true!  We are so grateful to the Lord for bringing us here, for the lessons he's taught us and the patience we've learned.  God willing we can get our ducks in a row quick enough (paperwork wise) and all the government people will quickly do their part to bring this little lady home.  Dare to dream?  Perhaps.
Join us as we embark on what is sure to be a very memorable year.
With Love,
Gretchen & Chris