Thursday, September 22, 2011

Oh the homestudy.
So they give you all the info at the meeting and a list of 16+ forms you have to fill out and send and get completed before you can schedule your actual in home visit.  This process normally takes between two and four months.  We did it overnight!  Well, our part at least.  We have nothing more to do than sit around and pray for those who are working in our behalf, either writing reference letters or filling out medical forms.  Luckily I got my copy of "The Connected Child" in the mail today so I'll have that to occupy my mind and idol hands.  I hate feeling like we're holding up the adoption process or making it even a day more til we get to see her and her us so I pushed hard to get everything done in one day and I'm so glad it worked!  I'm sure my kiddos will be happily reunited with their mother's face tomorrow since it is hard to make eye contact from behind a laptop.  One day and SO much paperwork closer.  We're doing our best sweet lady, I promise!

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