Monday, November 21, 2011

Some days
Some days are worse, some days are better.  Some days I find peace knowing that she is in the best possible place (besides here) and some days all I can do is think about how far away she is and how much we're missing.  My hubby and I were talking about the connection we feel, whether it is real or just fabricated out of need and human emotion.  He asked me if I thought the Lord had a hand in placing her in our path or if he was just in support of our efforts.  I couldn't even respond.  Not that I was upset with him but that the emotion is so strong.  I have no doubts that she is ours and we are hers.  After all those years (dental school- when were broke) of looking through waiting child listings in every possibly country I never ever felt like I did when I first saw her picture.  It didn't matter much what the description said next to the picture.  It was her and that was all that mattered. 
So when it feels too far off or that she's too far away all it takes is one glimpse of that little face and I can trust that my efforts aren't in vain and that she too is waiting for us just like we're waiting for her. 
The volunteers working with her now were asking when we'd be there.  I love that they're aware of us and that we're coming but it stings to think that they too now are waiting.  It just can't happen soon enough. 
We love you little lady!
Part of our adoption effort is to cut all unnecessary spending.  That includes brand name cereals.  The other day my boys were having an afternoon snack of cereal and one asked "What kind of cereal is this?  Is this fruit loops?" (he was looking at the box trying to read it) and I said "Same cereal, different name, these are fruit spins".  He (the 4 year old) said "Ohhh!  Spins must be Spanish for loops". 
We got a few new pictures (new to us, not recent though) of the little lady today.  So motivating! 

Monday, November 14, 2011

Homestudy, check.
Tonight was our grand finale.  We had our in person training on Saturday and tonight we each had a personal interview with the social worker.  She basically went over our autobiographies and asked how prepared we felt, that kind of thing.  Nothing daunting, that's for sure.  So now, almost two months to the day after first inquiring about our little lady we can check homestudy off our list.  There are still some things left to do like send the draft to the international agency and have them decide whether it needs modifications or what not, but our part is finished. 
Now we can focus all our attention on the dossier which seems simpler since it is mostly in your hands and less waiting on others to act.  (Mind you I'll eat those words in no time) And God willing we'll have it all ready to submit before the first of the year.
I hear her region is closed for a few weeks in January but that could be okay since the babe is due first week in Feb.  We're making this process the ultimate BOGO ;)

Here's a treat for all who read.  Baby(ish) pictures of our baby.  She was three when these were taken. 

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

My six year old in his prayer tonight:
"Please bless our new sister and bless that she will be able to walk and talk our language when she gets here".
None of my babies knew how to walk when the Lord handed them over to me.  She's just like her brothers already.

Monday, November 7, 2011

The Home Visit
Well, we did it.  We opened the door to our judge and jury and I am happy to say it went fine.  Why was I so worried?  I think I had good reason.  Our SW still doesn't win any awards in my book but she did seem like she would fight more for our cause.  As in, hurry it up, lady.   We'll have our final interviews on the 14th and after that it is all in their hands.
   So what's it like?  I couldn't get a good description of what to expect so those of you who read this will know.  They come in, they sit down, they chat with you and ask you questions about the forms you filled out (Ours were done in September (*ahem) and go over the financial stuff.  Then they semi sorta interview your kiddos, just asking them what they know about the adoption and how they feel about it.  Then they have the kiddos show them the house.  They make it like they're looking for smoke detectors which they are but I'm sure they're taking other inventory as well.  Didn't open any cabinets or drawers, just a closet here and there.  She did check to be sure we had hot water.  Then she had the boys show her their room and the play area and all that good stuff.  We did show off the garage where she discovered our poor dog locked in his kennel.  He's a family member, I explained that but he can be overly friendly with guests and given his size (he weighs more than I do) it can be a bit overwhelming.  So the poor sap was kenneled in a corner of the garage and the lights weren't all on when she saw him back there looking like the forgotten child.  We got him out as soon as she left and he is currently under my bed snoring his head off like usual.
My house is so clean!  A girl could get used to this.
   So that was that, she asked us a few more questions about training and other parts required for the homestudy and then she was out of here.  The whole like probably took two hours which was rough since she got her late (6:45ish) and the boys were running on fumes by about 7:30.  We're still adjusting to the time change.
All in all for something I've feared for years it wasn't too bad.  No worse than any other guest you'd entertain in the home.  Glad it is done though and we are now one step closer!
Oh and as a glorious bonus, I open up my email after getting the boys settled and put to sleep and low and behold I have an update on the little lady from one of her volunteers!  I love hearing about her personality.  Not to sound cliche but she sounds just like me!  I really enjoy that she is older and will really understand what is going on in terms of being adopted.  No she can't foresee what it will be like and neither can we but we will all certainly welcome the change.
Love you little lady!  Your whole family misses you even though that seems impossible.  One. Day. Closer!!!!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Cross your fingers!
     Tomorrow is the big day - the home visit portion of the homestudy.  Yikes!  I can remember years and years ago thinking how stressful it would be to have a home visit and know this person is literally in your house to examine, snoop and make a judgment call.  Everyone says it will go more smoothly than you anticipate so I am banking on that.  I can openly admit that being tidy is not something that comes naturally to me.  I do appreciate a tidy house but if my options are pick up toys or play with toys, I'm going to pick the latter.  Especially while the kiddos are awake.  It is too bad you can't get toys all in the same color scheme because my house is pretty much decorated by them. 
     I'm sure things will go fine tomorrow, it is just all the anticipation.  My poor hubby, he got back into town yesterday after a three week training gig in Texas and I had a list ready and waiting for him.  I got so caught up, I even forced him to help me clean and organize the garage today.  We're not the type to do anything but enjoy the family on Sunday so this was a serious show of love.  Who knew a garage could be such a welcoming place!  No they don't check garages on homestudies but I might just offer it up as evidence against whatever the playroom may present at that hour.  We will be photographing the home for the sake of the dossier tomorrow too.  They want pictures of your home and family 8-12 I think is the number so that's pretty much one of each room.  I also took time this week to reorganize the boys' clothes and get everyone set up for whatever growing may occur in the next six months.  We already have a large bin of size 4-5 girl clothes for the little lady and the poor baby lady has only enough to cover the bottom of her bin.  Ah well, babies only really need diapers, onesies and swaddling blankets, throw in a pair socks or two.  We can handle that, she can wear boy socks ;). 
    Saturday is our big training day and then our homestudy will be done!  Minus the write up and any corrections that need to be made.  Pray pray pray that process goes quickly.  If there is one thing this local agency hasn't been it is helpful so God willing they'll be anxious to just get us on our way and off their to do list. 
   Happy Monday everybody!