Monday, November 7, 2011

The Home Visit
Well, we did it.  We opened the door to our judge and jury and I am happy to say it went fine.  Why was I so worried?  I think I had good reason.  Our SW still doesn't win any awards in my book but she did seem like she would fight more for our cause.  As in, hurry it up, lady.   We'll have our final interviews on the 14th and after that it is all in their hands.
   So what's it like?  I couldn't get a good description of what to expect so those of you who read this will know.  They come in, they sit down, they chat with you and ask you questions about the forms you filled out (Ours were done in September (*ahem) and go over the financial stuff.  Then they semi sorta interview your kiddos, just asking them what they know about the adoption and how they feel about it.  Then they have the kiddos show them the house.  They make it like they're looking for smoke detectors which they are but I'm sure they're taking other inventory as well.  Didn't open any cabinets or drawers, just a closet here and there.  She did check to be sure we had hot water.  Then she had the boys show her their room and the play area and all that good stuff.  We did show off the garage where she discovered our poor dog locked in his kennel.  He's a family member, I explained that but he can be overly friendly with guests and given his size (he weighs more than I do) it can be a bit overwhelming.  So the poor sap was kenneled in a corner of the garage and the lights weren't all on when she saw him back there looking like the forgotten child.  We got him out as soon as she left and he is currently under my bed snoring his head off like usual.
My house is so clean!  A girl could get used to this.
   So that was that, she asked us a few more questions about training and other parts required for the homestudy and then she was out of here.  The whole like probably took two hours which was rough since she got her late (6:45ish) and the boys were running on fumes by about 7:30.  We're still adjusting to the time change.
All in all for something I've feared for years it wasn't too bad.  No worse than any other guest you'd entertain in the home.  Glad it is done though and we are now one step closer!
Oh and as a glorious bonus, I open up my email after getting the boys settled and put to sleep and low and behold I have an update on the little lady from one of her volunteers!  I love hearing about her personality.  Not to sound cliche but she sounds just like me!  I really enjoy that she is older and will really understand what is going on in terms of being adopted.  No she can't foresee what it will be like and neither can we but we will all certainly welcome the change.
Love you little lady!  Your whole family misses you even though that seems impossible.  One. Day. Closer!!!!

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  1. Thank You for sharing!! I am super scared to go through the homestudy part.... mostly because with 3 out of control kids this house doesn't stay clean for long :(