Sunday, November 6, 2011

Cross your fingers!
     Tomorrow is the big day - the home visit portion of the homestudy.  Yikes!  I can remember years and years ago thinking how stressful it would be to have a home visit and know this person is literally in your house to examine, snoop and make a judgment call.  Everyone says it will go more smoothly than you anticipate so I am banking on that.  I can openly admit that being tidy is not something that comes naturally to me.  I do appreciate a tidy house but if my options are pick up toys or play with toys, I'm going to pick the latter.  Especially while the kiddos are awake.  It is too bad you can't get toys all in the same color scheme because my house is pretty much decorated by them. 
     I'm sure things will go fine tomorrow, it is just all the anticipation.  My poor hubby, he got back into town yesterday after a three week training gig in Texas and I had a list ready and waiting for him.  I got so caught up, I even forced him to help me clean and organize the garage today.  We're not the type to do anything but enjoy the family on Sunday so this was a serious show of love.  Who knew a garage could be such a welcoming place!  No they don't check garages on homestudies but I might just offer it up as evidence against whatever the playroom may present at that hour.  We will be photographing the home for the sake of the dossier tomorrow too.  They want pictures of your home and family 8-12 I think is the number so that's pretty much one of each room.  I also took time this week to reorganize the boys' clothes and get everyone set up for whatever growing may occur in the next six months.  We already have a large bin of size 4-5 girl clothes for the little lady and the poor baby lady has only enough to cover the bottom of her bin.  Ah well, babies only really need diapers, onesies and swaddling blankets, throw in a pair socks or two.  We can handle that, she can wear boy socks ;). 
    Saturday is our big training day and then our homestudy will be done!  Minus the write up and any corrections that need to be made.  Pray pray pray that process goes quickly.  If there is one thing this local agency hasn't been it is helpful so God willing they'll be anxious to just get us on our way and off their to do list. 
   Happy Monday everybody!

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  1. Yay! I'm sure it will all go well. I have more clothes for your 4-5 year bin! LOL I have more boy clothes too. I am also collecting some baby girl stuff for you. You should be able to take it home with you (if you have the room) when you visit! I bet it feels nice to be all cleaned up and organized, I know it feels good when I manage it. But I am with you, I'd rather play than clean!