Monday, November 14, 2011

Homestudy, check.
Tonight was our grand finale.  We had our in person training on Saturday and tonight we each had a personal interview with the social worker.  She basically went over our autobiographies and asked how prepared we felt, that kind of thing.  Nothing daunting, that's for sure.  So now, almost two months to the day after first inquiring about our little lady we can check homestudy off our list.  There are still some things left to do like send the draft to the international agency and have them decide whether it needs modifications or what not, but our part is finished. 
Now we can focus all our attention on the dossier which seems simpler since it is mostly in your hands and less waiting on others to act.  (Mind you I'll eat those words in no time) And God willing we'll have it all ready to submit before the first of the year.
I hear her region is closed for a few weeks in January but that could be okay since the babe is due first week in Feb.  We're making this process the ultimate BOGO ;)

Here's a treat for all who read.  Baby(ish) pictures of our baby.  She was three when these were taken. 


  1. i scrolled down to the pics before reading and i thought the pics were Roe! wow, that's seriously wild.
    i'm glad it's all working out so smoothly :)

  2. Awesome news about your homestudy!! I love that you are just a step ahead of my in this process and I can fell more comfortable from your words :) Thanks!!

    Oh and those pics are adorable!

  3. She's so cute in those pics and the other ones in the pink dress. I'm happy for you that all is going well for you so far. She so deserves a wonderful family like yours. Rosie.

  4. Well hello, Chick-Roe. Little lady obvs belongs to the Gillettes! Hope things keep rolling right along and we get to meet your beautiful two-fer this summer!!