Monday, November 21, 2011

Some days
Some days are worse, some days are better.  Some days I find peace knowing that she is in the best possible place (besides here) and some days all I can do is think about how far away she is and how much we're missing.  My hubby and I were talking about the connection we feel, whether it is real or just fabricated out of need and human emotion.  He asked me if I thought the Lord had a hand in placing her in our path or if he was just in support of our efforts.  I couldn't even respond.  Not that I was upset with him but that the emotion is so strong.  I have no doubts that she is ours and we are hers.  After all those years (dental school- when were broke) of looking through waiting child listings in every possibly country I never ever felt like I did when I first saw her picture.  It didn't matter much what the description said next to the picture.  It was her and that was all that mattered. 
So when it feels too far off or that she's too far away all it takes is one glimpse of that little face and I can trust that my efforts aren't in vain and that she too is waiting for us just like we're waiting for her. 
The volunteers working with her now were asking when we'd be there.  I love that they're aware of us and that we're coming but it stings to think that they too now are waiting.  It just can't happen soon enough. 
We love you little lady!
Part of our adoption effort is to cut all unnecessary spending.  That includes brand name cereals.  The other day my boys were having an afternoon snack of cereal and one asked "What kind of cereal is this?  Is this fruit loops?" (he was looking at the box trying to read it) and I said "Same cereal, different name, these are fruit spins".  He (the 4 year old) said "Ohhh!  Spins must be Spanish for loops". 
We got a few new pictures (new to us, not recent though) of the little lady today.  So motivating! 

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  1. It's amazing. I've never felt that way about a child who wasn't mine. I can't imagine what you're all going through while you wait for Marissa (though, her name does have more than 6 letters in it--guess you'll have to drop one "s"!).