Friday, October 28, 2011

What a day!
It started off rocky and full of the "blehs" but my my my what a turn around.  I got a call from the Mental Health facility here in town saying the psychologist had a report for us to pick up.  I made it over there just before closing time and I have to say I was very much anticipating the worst.  Since we live in a rather small town this particular gal was our only option for the psych eval and from the first interview you could tell many things.
1.  She'd NEVER done an eval for international adoption before
2.  She thought we were crazy for having young kids and wanting to adopt a special needs child
3.  She was put off by the whole ordeal even though we were paying her a pretty penny to make it happen. 
But seeing as though she was our only option we carried on.  I did my part and my test and on a separate day Chris went in a did his.  She told him she was diagnosing me with mild anxiety and diagnosing him with mild depression because "everyone has something".  What?!?!?  I immediately called our international agency and explained and asked if this would have negative effects.  She said she would fax her a copy of a really good report so she could get a better idea of what was needed.  I should add I definitely don't have anxiety and Chris does not have any form of depression.  Even when he asked the psychologist about that diagnosis she said "well you brought it up" and he said "I was answering your question about Junior High School".
Anyway this is getting lengthy.  My point is we had huge reason to believe this wasn't going to turn out well.  Boy were we surprised.  I read the report in the parking lot and nearly cried (happy tears).  She made us sound like the most ideal parents for any child.  It was amazing to see how she actually did observe us and our personalities while we were there.  She hit the nail on the head.  The summary- we're well equipped to provide a home for a special needs child and care for her as if she were our biological child.
So glad she was able to see the light!
I also was able to get an amazing deal a bed for the little lady this week.  She's all set up with a Queen bed and darling bedding just right for a darling girl.  I can't wait to go to bed knowing she's right here, tucked in, where she belongs.
Love you little lady!  The Cardinals won the world series today.  I owe you one pink ball cap :) 


  1. I'm glad you were able to set her on the right track. It's possible she'd never done one of these before and had no idea what she was writing. Are you now two weeks away from your training session and the completion of your homestudy? Time is moving so it will be done before you know it. Rosie.

  2. So, did you get diagnosed??? What a crazy idea to diagnose you with "something." Glad it came out ok!

  3. I love it! All of it! I know it was worrisome, but I bet she was overcome by "something" and just new what you guys needed. I really need to get to the store and start working on some special gifts for some special ladies! We love you guys!