Tuesday, October 11, 2011

One step at a time
I know each day brings us closer to her but the wait seems so tedious!  If I'm not actively filling out forms our having something notarized I feel like my time is wasted.  Blogging helps.  We finished our psych evaluations this week and received copies our marriage license and background checks.  We also had our fingers printed this past week.  Our in home visit with the case worker is scheduled for later this week but I'm trying not to think about that.  Does anyone know if it matters whether we have room set up for her?  I'm hoping to sell a few more items to purchase the bed I want but for the moment we have three boys in one room and then a guest room and playroom. 
We are still so excited to be on this journey and to get to be her parents but the wait is awful.  Nothing seems to be happening fast enough.  We take comfort in knowing that she is ours and that each day brings us closer.  We continue to sell things in order to raise funds and while I know our efforts aren't in vain it does seem like we have a long way to go til we reach the 10,000 dollar mark.  We've made arrangements for the first 20,000 but the last ten is going to be the real faith builder! 
Thank you to all who have donated or prayed in our behalf.  The comfort you provide is tremendous.  The journey continues!


  1. Thanks for your comment on my blog... so excited to read your blog. Marissa is so precious. You do NOT need to have the room set up... just know where you are going to put her and how it will work if you have other kids in the same room.

  2. Hang in there Gretchen!! I have to warn you, you are going to go BONKERS once your dossier is out of your hands and on it's way... no paperwork to do, nothing to get notarized... just waiting... ACK!! Praying for your sanity! :)

  3. Holy cow that home visit is fast approaching! So very excited. So does this mean she gets the Tinkerbell room? :)

  4. Holy cow! I didn't realize the total amount was $30K!!! How do they expect people to afford the process??? We'll help where we can!

  5. Wow. You're getting two daughters at once!

    Generally, it doesn't matter if you have a room set up. If you have one, then they will look at it in terms of safety. If you don't they will ask about your plans for one.