Friday, October 21, 2011

The Great Wait
This is the part I knew I wouldn't like.  My hubby is in Texas for some dental training and my daughter is in Eastern Europe.  Luckily I have my boys here with me.  We're moderately stagnant still (or so it feels) because our homestudy won't be completed until November 12th and there are certain things we can't submit without a completed homestudy.  I am however, taking advantage of this time to gather info and paperwork and forms which will all go out asap after the homestudy is done.  I am still blown away but the random costs of adoption.  For example, one form the "petition to adopt an orphan" submitted to immigration is 720 dollars plus 85 dollars for each adult in the home.  What??  Such a random number and I have no idea what that money goes towards.  Plus 85 per adult?  How about just 85 per adult?  Don't these people have a regular salary?  Or are they just banking on yet another adoptive application?
It does often feel like all sides are against you being able to adopt.  It is all the more motivating for me though so bring it on governments (just do it quickly, that's all I ask).  My mom is here while my hubby is away.  She's as driven as I am when it comes to this adoption.  She's already shopping for the little lady (second hand of course, since all kids do is grow) and telling anyone we meet about the pending adoption.  That's what mom's are for.
We're also working on setting up her room.  She'll share with her sister who isn't born yet of course but once she's ready for a crib they'll be bunking together.  I wasn't sure what kind of bed she'd prefer since as far as I know she's only known a crib.  We decided to go with a platform full size bed so one she won't fall far if she falls and two she can crawl out or scoot or however it is she gets around Ariel style on the floor.  And who are we kidding, I went with a full size so I can lay with her as she falls asleep to make up for all the years she had to go it alone. 

Here's to a numbered amount of days in your old be, little lady.  We love you and miss you terribly.


  1. I love this sweet picture of her!

  2. I love this post!!! She is perfect, but I bet you already knew that!!!! I can't wait until she is home with you!!! I'm liking the idea of the full size close to the ground.... I might go with that one too!! ;)

  3. Marissa is such an adorable little girl.. I was so happy to see her on the MFFM. I was reading your blog and noticed that you are Due in Feb. I was about to start the adoption process when I found out I was pregnant and the agency I was in contact with really suggested that I wait until after I have my child... and even wait over a year if I planned to travel with the baby. Would you mind letting me know your take on the timing of your adoption and how it would work out? I am very curious to know if I should continue on the process or wait like suggested from the agency. Thanks

  4. What a sweet new picture of Marissa! I know you can't wait to get her out of that bed and into your arms!