Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I see some similarities here. 


  1. I would say so :)

    My little one looks almost exactly like my dad when he was little, but his hair is more like my husbands.... It is amazing the way the Lord works!!!

    All 3 are precious beyond words!!

  2. Amazing! They are all so beautiful. Thank you for putting these up for me. I check back all of the time to see the donation monitor and find out any news. It's happening and through the Lord and your hard work and dedication you will make this all work.

  3. Holy stinkin' twinsies, Batman! When I first saw Marissa's picture, I thought, "She looks just like Roe! I can't believe they found a Russian-speaking child who looks like one of their own!"

    We're praying for you and spreading the word!