Thursday, March 15, 2012

It is done. The dossier that is. Actually both dossiers (doh-see-aye) are done. There's one for Registration and one for court. They've left the building and are on their way now to her home country for translation and submission. There is nothing left for us to do. It feels great to have that part over with. It was harder than I thought it would be. I hate paper chasing, turns out and I really don't like nagging people and asking multiple times for them to do one thing. So glad it is over with! Now though, the worry sets in. Luckily we have prayer for that and I'm sure all in good time we'll have our first travel invite. We get to make three trips in all. One to accept the referral (of course!) and one for court and then after court there is a 30 day wait before the decision is final and we can come collect our prize. Until then we will try to live our normal lives and not act like our minds are elsewhere in a foreign land. We just can't wait. We're getting close little lady. I know you don't know it but your people do and we can't wait to thank them for keeping you safe and happy until we get there. These boys are excited to have you. They've got your room all ready and your toothbrush too. I'm sure they'd even let you lick the bowl. First.
We love you!!!


  1. YAY so exciting!!! Congrats on a big accomplishment!

  2. What a pretty room! I'm sure you can't wait to tuck her safely into that cosy bed.