Thursday, March 8, 2012

Two steps forward... One step back. Today's step back came in the form of my age old nemesis, the homestudy agency. These people...grr. After having an assignment for more than a month I contact them and offer to gather the information myself just to speed things along. The information was concerning rights of the adopted child in our home state. So I get the info, hubby writes up the summary and emails it to them. Simple, right? Well rather than getting back to us with the completed document I end up contacting them after 6 days of hearing nothing and then they mention that the other two docs I needed from the copy of their license and letter of good standing are also going to be a problem. Their license expires on the 23rd of this month so we have to wait until they get the new license (two weeks) before we can complete the dossier. Oh and they have no idea what a letter of good standing is. The super amazing international agency filled them in on that one but I imagine they won't have one ready for me until I nag it out of them. I hate nagging. Just do your job. On a more positive note everything else for the dossier is completed, ready to be apostilled and sent for translation in the little lady's home country. In the mean time I will introduce our littlest lady who was born on February 1st. She was 8 days early which was great for me. She was 7lbs 4oz and I believe 19 inches long. Her birth was fantastic, probably one of best natural hospital births, at least in my experience. She's a fabulous addition. The boys love her to death but they like me are now anticipating the arrival of their other sister. All three of them know they have two sisters and are begging to have both of them home. We can't wait to our face next to hers in a photo and for her to meet her little sister and get to see pictures and videos of her brothers for the first time. That will be a fabulous day. Thanks for all your encouragement. We're close but STILL no cigar.

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  1. Continued prayers for you!! Thankful that one of your little ladies his home safe.... Hoping for the other one to be home soon!!