Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Recently our little lady's best friend was moved to the "my family found me" page on reece's rainbow.  We were thrilled to see her there and celebrated as if she was coming into our own home.  At the time we thought she would be welcomed home by our friends who had considered adoption for years but never found "the one".  They'd gone through with the initial paperwork and commitment forms but as life would have it, another family was also being considered for sweet Pollyanna.  This other family has now also been preapproved to adopt her and they will be the ones welcoming her into their home.  I have no idea who this other family is.  I'm sure they are kind and wonderful people deserving of such a fantastic spirit like Pollyanna but it does sting to know we could have kept these two girls together for the transition to life as a sister, daughter and American. 
I do still hope to be able to maintain some contact between our daughter and Pollyanna once they are both stateside.  It appears as though this how things were meant to turn out and anytime an orphan finds a family a success is obvious but possibility was real and it stings now.  We wish all the best to Pollyanna and her new family and we will of course look forward to meeting her when we travel to meet our gal. 
The new family for Pollyanna hasn't made it to the "new commitments" page yet but I imagine that is next on their to do list. 
I hope you all had a wonderful Holiday.  We certainly felt incomplete as a family and we look forward to next Christmas when we can celebrate together with our daughters.  My husband's parents gave us a VERY generous gift this year in the form of a donation and others have recently followed in their footsteps.  Thank you all for your kindness especially during this time of year.  We hope to be Eastern Europe bound early in 2012!

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  1. How wonderful for Pollyanna! She and Marissa have been in my thoughts this holiday. While we're not in a position to enter into adoption ourselves, I'm glad someone is doing it. There was a special on TV about the Dave Thomas Foundation with wonderful stories about adoption and it about made me cry. I don't know how you're keeping it together between pregnancy hormones and wanting your little girl with you. You're in our prayers!