Saturday, December 10, 2011

So much goodness.
These past few days have been successful in my eyes.  Our SW is completing our homestudy write up and says we ought to have it in our hands by Monday.  As soon as we're palming that we can submit our petition to adopt an orphan to the US government.  That process usually takes 4-6 weeks but I recently learned how to expedite it with the help of a pediatrician's note.  Then today we attended a christmas party for the kiddos on base and while there I met two pediatricians!  Both of which are options for our family. 
It feels like we're finally getting the ball back in our court for a change.  Also this past week I had my first dream with our little lady in it.  She was here in our home but it still had that sense of surreality to it.  Like I couldn't believe she was here and real.  The dream consisted of our home life as usual until finally I realized she was she and she was ours and I was able to sit with her on my lap and put hershoes on.  It sounds lame but it meant so much to me.  The dream emotions were quite powerful and really reflect how untouchable your children feel while you're going through the adoption process. 
 Speaking of adoption, there have been a number of children who are older like our little lady who have recently found their way onto the "My Family Found Me" page of Reece's Rainbow.  That's the adoption ministry organization where we found our gal.  Some of these children have been listed there for years.  Two of these "lifers" are being adopted by the same family!  How wonderful and courageous these families are.  There is still one gal who we would love to see listed on the my family found me page.  She is our little lady's best friend.   They've lived in the same group since birth and both girls have the same disability.  I so wish we could bring them both home and keep them together but the country doesn't allow simultaneous adoption of unrelated children.  I'd rather her find a family asap than have to wait for us to come back around at some future date.

Here is her link:

Please if you can advocate for her or if your heart is there consider making her your own.  She sure sounds angelic and hopefully the girls will be able to maintain their friendship post placement.

As far as our day to day goes, we're doing well.  The boys are loving school and settling into their classrooms the roles they play there.  For Thanksgiving we were able to take a trip south and visit friends in San Diego.  While there we got some updated family pictures for the court documents.  Here are a few of the many:


  1. Loving the new picture! Is that Sarah's friend/photographer who took them for you? They look great!

    And if that picture of Roe doesn't convince folks that Miss Marissa should be part of your family, I don't know what would.

    You're looking adorably pregnant, and I hope you're feeling good! I think I'd be a big ol' mess! :)

  2. Did you see this week's "My Family found me"? I'm sure I saw Pollyanna on it this time! Nothing like Christmas miracles.