Wednesday, December 21, 2011

This has been a roller coaster of a week with so many ups and downs.  I can't really get into the downs but I suppose that is better for you, the reader.  The up side is that I actually got to read our homestudy and it is now being sent to the international agency for approval.  Once she gives the okay I'll get my official copies and we can hopefully prepare all the documents and have it ready to submit by the end of the month.  Chris has off the week after Christmas and we don't have any family/travel plans.  For christmas I asked for a five year old daughter so we'll spend that week getting everything ready to submit with double the man power. 
Huge magnificent thank you to whomever donated recently.  We can't see who it was (yet) but know that you are an answer to prayer.  We just found out that we need to pay for two of the post placement reports up front prior to picking up our completed homestudy.  Those run 250 a pop so that was a bit of a costly surprise.  Luckily Chris and I have sworn off gifts for the holiday and we will keep things at a serious minimum for the boys.  With only dental school Christmases in their past that shouldn't be much of a surprise for them.  As much as we're meant to enjoy the holidays I will be thrilled once January is here and we are that much closer to having one baby out and a little lady in (our family).  No one has ever looked forward to January as much as I am this year. 
If you are the praying type please speak a word for our daughter and her dear friend "Pollyanna" this week.  Their lasting friendship is weighing heavy on our hearts.  Just pray that the Lord will do what is best for both of them. 

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  1. You did see that Pollyanna is on MFFM, right? Do you know who her family is? Have you been able to talk to them? I hope that the girls can maintain some contact, even if it's only over Skype! And I love your new family pictures!